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April 2007

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Array [Riza Hawkeye]

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Forgotten Memories

Title: Forgotten Memories
Author: v0calist
Rating: K
Warnings: None
Timeline: After "Friendship", before "Park Meeting"

I heard my heart pounding in my chest; sweat-drenched hair was sticking to my head. The darkness of the room was slowly enveloping me and I sat, stone still.

“What was that? “ I thought, my face a mask of unwanted confusion.

“It was Syaoran-kun, in my dream…” The realization came to me quickly. But faster came the guilt that filled my heart when I thought of his despaired face.

I climbed out of bed, walking towards the window. “Why is it that it is only his face that is unfamiliar to me?”

Yet it is his face that contains so much; but still I find myself lost to that information. The way his eyes would try to conceal his sadness, it was heart-shattering. I felt his importance, the way he talked and acted, there was something there. What was it?

“It was he that I had no memories of, and yet, it was also him that emitted the most significance…”

It hurts me that I don’t remember. Did he know that? Did they?

Mere movements can cause the biggest heartbreaks. “It hurts because he remembers. He knows and I don’t.”

A picture flashed in my mind, his hopeful amber eyes. My hands took hold of the window ledge, emerald pools staring up at the stars sadly.

“Can I really recollect my memories? It all looks so impossible…”

Syaoran Li. The name sounded so familiar to me; as natural as breathing. But then… why don’t I know how? I rack my brain, willing myself to remember, but nothing comes to mind; darkness embraces me.

“Who are you Syaoran-kun? Please, just tell me,” I listen as the words fly out of my mouth, racing towards the moonless sky, “I don’t want to hurt you anymore.”

I lifted my hand, wiping the tears that fell from my eyes.