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April 2007

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Array [Riza Hawkeye]

coyul in meanwhileccs

Park Meeting

Title: Park Meeting
Author: mari_isms
Rating: K
Warnings: Also kind of sad.
Timeline: After "Friendship."

They met at the park. It was a coincidence, really. Sakura was there, sitting on a swing and staring straight out into the park, lost in thought, when Syaoran got there. He slipped into the swing beside her silently, not wanting to disturb her. She felt him right away, a warm presence in her mind, but didn’t respond right away.

“I feel like we’ve been here before,” she said, finally, not turning towards him. She was almost afraid to look at him yet. “Only you weren’t here last time. At least, I don’t remember you being here.”

Syaoran was silent; he didn’t know what to say. He certainly remembered it, them sitting in the exact swings just a few years before as Sakura confided in him, told him her troubles. It hurt to remember only because she didn’t. He nodded, knowing that she wouldn’t see it.

“Were you here that time?” she asked, finally looking his way just in time to see him nodding again. The words still escaped him. What could he possibly say?

It started to come back to her. Just a blurred image. She remembered him just a little.

Then it was gone. Gone as if that spark had never been there. She fainted, falling into his arms as he jumped up, glad that his reflexes were so quick. When she woke up, she would have no memory of their meeting that night, or of her revelation and suspicions.



rly sweet and sad one, you should make the chapters longer o_-

thanks for the lovely fic
Thank you~

When I start out, I usually don't even think about how long they're going to be. I'll try to make them a little longer. I've just been drabbling so far. :D
your welcome

lol,is ok take your time and everything :3
and thanks for the consideration :).