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April 2007

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Array [Riza Hawkeye]

coyul in meanwhileccs

To Forget

Title: To Forget
Author: mari_isms
Rating: K
Warnings: Kinda sad.
Timeline: The first one written, second in the timeline so far. It's just after "Phone Call."

Syaoran insisted that we go to her when we heard the news. Sakura had suddenly gone into a coma, but the doctors couldn’t figure out why. Why would a perfectly health 15 year-old girl—magical girl at that—go into a coma?

When we got there, she had made no progress. I couldn’t tell what Syaoran was thinking, but he told me that she would die if she didn’t wake up. That much he could tell; her life force was all but gone. If it wasn’t returned soon, she would die and probably never even know it.

Then she woke up. Everyone was in the room—her room, because there was no reason to keep her at a hospital if she wasn’t sick—when it happened. Hope and happiness was written on every face, but it soon turned to disappointment.

“Who are you?” she asked everyone.

If she was playing a joke, it was a pretty crappy one, I decided. “Kinomoto! Don’t you remember us? Syaoran?!”

She shook her head gravely, almost scared. “I don’t remember…anything,” she said. “Kinomoto? What’s that?”

She got better little by little over the next few weeks. At first, she’d slept a lot, but she eventually got her old energy back. Along with the energy came memories. Memories of Daidouji, her family, friends, me. Almost everyone. Everyone but Syaoran.

Not even Keroberus or Yue could understand. Eriol had no explanation. We were stumped and no matter what we did, nothing worked. She had no memories with Syaoran. Sure, a lot of her memories were ones we had, but Syaoran was missing completely. An empty space, according to her.

Even if she couldn’t remember him, Syaoran said, he would stick with her. I know I said that I would support them, but that almost made me sick. Anyway, he said that if she couldn’t remember him from before, he’d give her new memories.

Okay, so he didn’t say that to me, because let’s face it, he’s never that sentimental towards me, whether it’s got to do with me or not. No, he said it to that stuffed animal, and I overheard. WHY DIDN’T HE TALK TO ME ABOUT IT?! We may not be engaged anymore, but we’re still family!

If I knew it didn’t hurt him for Sakura to call him “Li-kun” and not know him anymore, I’d rub it in his face that she remembered me and not him.

But I’m not that mean.