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A collection of drabbles

Meanwhile: A collection of drabbles
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Welcome to Meanwhile, an alternate universe collection of drabbles for Card Captor Sakura. I'm sure you have some questions about this universe. Allow me to explain...

What's so different?
In this version, Sakura has lost her memories. Some have come back, sure, but not all. Also, none of her memories of Syaoran have returned.
I like to think of this as being a mixture of manga and anime, which means Meiling is around, but the manga canon rules for the most part other than that, especially the ending.

How could you break up my OMGOTPFOREVER?
Easily because of something Yuuko said to Syaoran in Tsubasa RESERvoir CHRoNiCLE. (And another thing I'm sure was said at some point that I haven't been able to find again.)
Let's just say that all alternate versions of each person are linked, connected in a spiritual way. Princess Tomoyo was able to contact her counterpart in another world, after all. Perhaps, if something major happens to one of them, it effects all of them. That said, it is a logical conclusion to come to. That Sakura would go into a sort-of-coma when Princess Sakura did and that she would have anmesia, too. And when Syaoran give the price of his relationship with the Princess, perhaps CCS!Syaoran did, too, without realizing it.

That is the basis of this universe.


If you would like to add to this story, email your drabbles to Mari at rikkuofthesand @ gmail.com using this form. I will be happy to recieve them! Once recieved, I will read and review them. If I think that they fit in with the storyline, I will post them here as 'canon.' ^-^

The official timeline can be found here.